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Landscaping is not about planting plants around or putting up an aqua space in your garden, it is about creating a pleasant outdoor environment for you and your guests. As certified landscaping technicians who’ve been in the industry for decades, we are certainly confident that we can handle any landscaping irrigation & amp; repair project. We use patented technology to install new irrigation systems suitable for your garden. A baseline analysis may be done if you’re installing the systems for the first time. A well-designed irrigation system can keep your garden green throughout the year by using little water. Drip or sprinkler irrigation for landscape beds allows you to water your plants at any time without being controlled by the city water restrictions.

Why Your Automated Irrigation Unit Needs Routine Maintenance

Our technicians can correct and repair landscape drainage systems whether it’s a surface drain, sump pump, French drain or catch basin. We’ve got enough experience and technical know-how to deal with most landscaping problems. Because many homeowners use automated units to irrigate their lawns and plants, drip pipes may clog without notice or some sprinklers may break and thus the need to repair. These automated landscaping irrigation systems are installed to provide automated irrigation and minimal maintenance but regular maintenance and repairs are paramount; to repair damaged units and correct component failure. Early Correction of irrigation problems prevents water loss and damage to landscapes.

Common Landscape Irrigation Problems

Regular inspection is necessary to ensure that all the plants and beds are watered. If one area of your garden is getting drier and drier though your automated system works, it could be due to one of the following problems:

· Root Penetration

· Clogged drip & sprinkler holes

· Obstructed Sprinklers

· Design Issues

· Missing nozzles

· Overspray into sidewalks/buildings

· Broken pipes

· Pipe Leaks

· Damaged valves etc.

While you can easily notice some problems such as missing nozzles, it would be hard for you to identify major problems such as damaged valves. If your irrigation system is failing because of design issues, our technicians can correct it and to keep your system up and running.

Repair Service

Owing to several factors including torrential rains and droughts, your systems can be structurally damaged. If you’ve soggy areas or brown spots in your lawn, then there might be a problem. Whether the problem is large or small, our field technicians are there for you at any time of the day. We can take care of all your needs including repairing broken pipes to modification of the design and addition of new irrigation zones.

Evapotranspiration (ET) Controllers & Rain/Freezer Sensors

To know the amount of water lost through evaporation and transpiration in your garden, we may have to install ET controllers. This will help to know the exact amount of water used by plants. Where evapotranspiration is high, drip irrigation systems will work the best. Rain and freezer sensors help reduce wastage of water. The sensors improve the system performance and ensure proper water management.

We provide design technical advice for landscaping design and affordable sprinkler designs that ensure proper utilization of water. Proper landscaping irrigation units can add a curb appeal and increase the value of your property. Contact us at any time to consult or if your system needs some few tweaks to get it sustainable.


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